Dissolved / Nonima – Foil Splinters (Section 27)

Published on December 4th, 2012

Dissolved will be known to SNers (SittingNowers) as the creator of the theme tunes for Behind Closed Doors, CCN and SN Radio. Nonima is an alias of Tam Ferrans (one half of Mitoma and co-boss of Section 27 netlabel.) Both of them have had albums on my demanding and wasteful Daddy Tank label and if you don’t like the fact that I’m reviewing things this close to home then please write a formal letter of complaint and address it Kim’s Balls, Don’t Care Town, Blaseville, Upyoursia.

If you got past that, this bit makes more sense. The Dissolved section of this album is Dissolved firing on about three quarters of his cylinders. Dense, slightly melancholy and emotionally evocative IDM that is reminiscent of watching ice crystals form in fast forward. Highlights are Fermentation which is all bubbly sounding and Blacklight Manta Flooder which has a good strong melody. I also particularly enjoyed the end segment of his Nonima remix which is beatless and embodies the wandering aspect of his music well.

Nonima’s half of the album is also pretty strong, if not all engaging. His music is patently IDM but elements of electro, techno and ambient are freely toyed with well chosen sounds and an eye for musical architecture. Highlights are the dark to light transition of Ericht and the meat-y rethink of Mefrac (V2).

You can get the album over at Section27 netlabel for free.




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