Weave – A Part Not Apart (s/r)

Published on November 16th, 2012

An album of straight up instrumental electronica that occasionally gets a bit feisty and has a bit of a drum’n’bass wig out or throws a bit of glitch at you, but only as a side salad, never the main course. Weave is a very melodic affair with not a single drone or purely percussive effort to be found. In some respects this makes it sound a little dated because electronica is all about atmospheres or soundscapes or some such bollocks nowadays but this harks back to the mid-90’s when musicians could be bothered to sit round and make something you could actually whistle. Another slightly dated aspect is the choice of some of the sounds. Whilst it is impeccably played, and is generally a very competent hybrid of electronic and real instruments, the odd wah-wah guitar flourish or synth sound here and there adds years. I would also add that this is quite along album and some of the songs on here are a little anodyne. I think editing is a skill that is being lost in todays world of 150 track compilation albums but personally I think if Weave had lopped a few of the weaker tunes of this it would have had a lot more impact.  However the whole is more important than the constituent parts and regardless of the choices Weave makes, if you can put something together that’s as lovely, warm and fuzzy as “On We Go” or as lopsidedly catchy as “Utter” then you should. And if you as a reader want a lovely, warm and fuzzy experience you can either request an afternoon in my company or take the easier option of grabbing the album for a self determined fee.




Hello ! Look I’m down here too ! I know usually by now I’m gone and you’re busily following my recommendations, but Weave is a multi-talented chap and he very kindly sent me some of his photographs at the same time as giving me the album. I was desperately hoping that they would be shit because I’m sick of everyone being able to do more than me. Sadly he isn’t shit, he’s fucking brilliant. He modestly told me that he “may” have a unique process for creating his photographs and the results are astonishingly varied. Some are highly colourful, some are fractal like and some look like weird alien landscapes or electron microscope photos but I absolutely love a huge percentage of them and would urge you to go and check his skills out.




Kim Monaghan

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