Busdriver – Arguments With Dreams (Big Dada)

Published on November 13th, 2012

A free EP to promote the Busdriver album, I don’t know whether that means it’s a bunch of tracks taken from said LP or if it’s a bunch of stuff that never made it on the album. Either way it’s a pretty impressive freebie. Since hearing “Imaginary Places” a few years ago I’ve been meaning to catch up with Busdrivers career but for some reason our paths haven’t crossed till now. He is probably wrongly pigeonholed as being a “fast rapper” because of his ability to rhyme really, really quickly using a lot of words but ask Twister if that gets you a career. His speed rapping is just a little flourish that he employs (to great effect) when he feels its appropriate and personally, I’m always a bit wowed that he manages to remain coherent and witty at that speed. He also likes to steer between polar opposites, sometimes being socio-politically philosophical and sometimes being a crotch grabbing potty-mouth but he does both with sophistication. The music ranges from futuristic and slightly glitchy almost 2 step (“Take This Step With Me”) to full on club bangers (“Herzog”).

Not everything about this is perfect. Das Racist’s contribution is pretty lame, and while I know his offbeat and pseudo-dumb delivery is currently fashionable, it also sounds crappy next to Busdriver’s meticulous delivery. There are also a couple of tunes on here that haven’t really made themselves obvious, despite many listens, but for the joys of “Take This Step”, the seedy sexy sounds of “Public Grope” and the windows down swagger of “Herzog” you’d be stupid not to grab this. And unless Kool Keith decides to come back any time soon then Busdriver is looking like the new king of surreal / intelligent rap.




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