Ongoing Commercial Suicide

Published on September 17th, 2012

Audio Antihero (the second best DIY netlabel in the world) have come up with yet another ingenious plan to ensure they don’t make a penny. The home of distinguished and well loved glitch-folk artist Benjamin Shaw, and a host of other critically acclaimed musicians, have made a free live album by the extinct but sprightly Nosferatu D2 available through their Bandcamp. If you don’t know them, this band have spawned a host of positive reviews despite calling it a day two years ago and before the release of their debut album. Like all the albums on this scruffily charming label it took a while for me to appreciate the power of Nosferatu D2, even with a name as self-evidently genius as that. You can catch my (frankly rubbish) review of their album elsewhere on the site but in the meantime why not treat yourself to this free appetiser.


Kim Monaghan


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