Wirewound – Wirewound EP (Acre Recordings)

Published on June 6th, 2012

Look ! It’s a prodigious multi talented electronic musician releasing music under an alter ego ! Where ? Everywhere it seems. Personally I struggle to write these reviews let alone manage the effort it takes to release an album every other day. The only way I manage it is by doing less than the bare minimum of research and allowing the voices full rein.

I reviewed “Enfeld” by Randomform a while ago and this is an album by the same chap. And as is traditional I have to state a conflict of interest (in that I hired Sorin (his real name) to do some artwork for a forthcoming Daddy Tank release). With all that out of the way (and over half the review written already) let’s talk about what it sounds like. “Bit Synchronisation” is an energetic slice of glitch-electro that sets out its stall early. It makes you nod your head and I imagine it does the business on the dance floor being underpinned with a whacking great sub bass. It seemns to get stuck after a couple of minutes but it’s dance music so it doesn’t have to meet the same criteria as my usual chin stroking business. “Liquid Adapter” does the same kind of trade but with a bubbly percussive glitch backing and a retro eighties sounding keyboard sample. Again it seems to get stuck after a couple of minutes but neither of the first two tracks does that deeply tiresome thing that dance music did by outstaying its welcome, weighin in at under five minutes each.

So far so OK but with track three “Wirewound” things step up a gear combining planet crumbling sub bass, a delicious scratchy noise and a slightly delayed beat to create the first “Yes!” moment on the EP. The same tasteful mix of ingredients is applied to “Xylogic Interrupter” which features a big simple drone-y style synth and plenty of clicks and pops to keep things mobile. The glitch work is done tastefully and in harmony with the electro theme. It’s not too obsessed with technical details and it doesn’t go on for an hour. This is a great little EP and Wirewound may even escape the genre trap if he keeps his eye on the big picture. And for 0.99p you can’t really go wrong.





Kim Monaghan

About Kim Monaghan

Kim is reviews editor here at Sitting Now, Overlord at http://daddytank.co.uk, and member of the shadowy League of Cat Fanciers: Birmingham division.

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