Michael Moore Sings for Occupy CD

Published on May 5th, 2012

Filmaker, and activist extraordinaire, Michael Moore, has released a song (wait…what??) for the Occupy Wall street movement’s upcoming release, called ‘Occupy This Album’:

my contribution to “Occupy This Album”, a compilation CD (99 songs!) featuring David Crosby & Graham Nash, Steve Earle, Tom Morello, Willie Nelson, Ani DiFranco, Third Eye Blind, Immortal Technique and Jackson Browne to be released Tuesday, May 15th. All proceeds from this album will go to fund the Occupy Wall Street movement (all the musicians and songwriters have donated their time and music).

They asked me if I’d like to record a poem or maybe make a music video of some of the songs. I said, “I could just sing a song.”

When the laughter died down, I recorded this.

I hope you enjoy my first try at this new profession (though I have no intention of giving up my day job).

And thank you, Bob Dylan, for your contribution, and for approving this, my debut

I admire your passion Mr Moore, but I’d stick to your film-making, and activism.

If you want to check out a cool Occupy-themed protest song, I point you in the direction of SittingNow/CCN’s Joe Nolan:

YouTube Preview Image

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