Jimmy Page’s Lucifer Rising Soundtrack Finally Gets A Proper Release.

Published on March 17th, 2012

For any fans of the occult, and in particular occult-videography, the release of Jimmy Page‘s soundtrack to the seminal Kenneth Anger classic ‘Lucifer Rising, will come as nothing, but great news. The history of the films score is almost as sordid a tale as the history of the film itself, and I must admit to being a little surprised that Page is finally putting this out; but either way, it’s something we’ve all been looking forward to:

“On March 20th, the Spring Equinox 2012, the title music for Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks will have its premiere and release. The title music, along with other musical pieces recorded at my home studio in the early Seventies, have been revisited, remixed and released for the first time. This is a musical diary of avant-garde compositions and experiments, one of which was to appear on the film ‘Lucifer Rising’. The collection has been exhumed and is now ready for public release. This will be available exclusively on the website. There will be a standard release on heavyweight vinyl. In addition there will be a special run of 418 numbered copies. The first 93 copies will be signed and numbered. There are liner notes and commentary to each track. 

The release will be available on Jimmy Page’s site  in various editions, ranging from £20 – £195 (signed, limited to 93). This will be a must for any fan of occult history, and cool pieces of music.


Ken Eakins

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