BehindClosedDoors Special Edition – Supersonic Festival 2011

Published on October 9th, 2011

Supersonic  is by far the UK’s most exciting music festival, featuring some the world’s most eclectic bands, and artists. We transformed Behind Closed Doors host Kim Monaghan from a lowly chin-stroking basement dweller, into a fully fledged roving reporter; and sent him to meet the organisers of this amazing event over tea and cake.

To add to this, we also asked the lovely ladies from Capsule – the event organisers – to pick us a track-list of the  bands playing, and turn them over to you the listener.

We hope to do this every year, and more importantly, we’ll get Kim to go to a quieter location to do interviews.

Baby steps.


Track-list, picked by Capsule:

Mike Watt - Arrow Pierced Egg Man
Cloaks – Desolate Turves
Part Chimp – Hello Bastards
Scorn – Amroth
Alexander Tucker - His Arm Has Grown Long
The Berg Sans Nipple – Hark, The Poonie Angel Sings
Nathan Bell – From Within We Are
The Skull Defekts – Fragrant Nimbus
Electric Wizard – We Hate You
Iconaclass - Long Haul
Pekko Kappi – Ja Kielistas Lissaa
White Hills – Radiate
Circle – Vaellus
Silver Apples – Whirly Bird
Alva Noto – U

If you want us to play your band/noise/whatever, drop us a line here.


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