Scarlet Imprint’s Summer of Love this Saturday

Published on August 17th, 2011

The esoteritastic guys and gals over at Scarlet Imprint, are putting on a veritable Summer of Love distilled into one brimful cup of intoxication, illumination and revelation:

Speakers, dancers, performance art, and ritual combine to create a truly magical happening in a secret, central and spectacular location from eleven until eleven.

Best of all, it’s happening in SittingNow-central, Brighton. This means we’ll be there with our cameras shooting the event for future episodes of SittingNow TV (yes, it’s actually almost here).

Amongst the plethora of magicians from different disciplines, is our own Ulysses Black, who grilled Antero Alli with me for the podcast (coming back soon).

Details for the event, which is this Saturday, can be found on the Scarlet Imprint site here. We hope to see you there!

Ken Eakins


About Ken Eakins

Ken Eakins is a Freelance Journalist, Academic, and Videographer from the UK. Ken started SittingNow in 2007 as a repository for all the esoteric and underground stuff that he enjoys researching. The map is not the territory!

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  1. Posted by andrea on September 20th, 2011, 09:12 [Reply]

    hi ken..i was there and saw you filming..i think i tried to colonise yr seat early in the day..;0)

    love yr podcasts and look forward to seeing the scarlet imprint talks up on yr site.

    i’m sure it is a tonne of work for ya but believe me i for one really appreciate it..thanks so much!!


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