BehindClosedDoors – Broadcast #028

Published on August 10th, 2011


Block 45 – Wires
Mr Scruff - Wobble Control
Grumbling Fur – Orb of the Woods
Tyler The Creator – Sandwitches
Paul Bonneau (The Prisoner) – No.6 cuts down a tree
BBBlood – Shatter, Stun, Destroy, Intoxicate
Axxon – Choc Milk Addiction
The Chasms – Copse of Trees
MC Lars – By the Time I Get Shot up in Arizona (featuring Sole)
Iron Fist of the Sun – The Power of New Septembers
JODIS – Continents
TV Ghost – The Network
Pig Destroyer – Starbelly

If you want us to play your band/noise/whatever, drop us a line here.


***Signal Ends***


About BehindClosedDoors

BehindClosedDoors is SittingNow's music show. We play weird and underground music that aims to challenge you into admitting Justin Beiber is crap.

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