Store to sell custom robots that look like buyers

Published on December 15th, 2009

argh!! it's the future!

It often said that Science Fiction author Phillip K. Dick was somehow channelling the future when hammering out his dark-future classics like ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ (aka Blade Runner), and ‘We Can Remember it for you Whole-Sale’ (aka Total Recall). So once again I bring you another ‘from page to reality moment’, all the way from Japan.

Japan Today is reporting that Japanese retailer Sogo & Seibu, as a special new years sales event, will be offering two robots made to look like the people who buy them. The eerie simulacras will cost the lucky consumers $225,000.

The company will be recruiting Kokoro to manufacture the robots. The company were made famous last year when they exhibited their ‘Actroid Der‘ at various events. One model of the robot even appeared in a Japanese TV advert:

YouTube Preview Image

Sogo & Seibu are not planning on continuing the sales of the robots as a regular feature of the store, however, they have said that they may consider another sale of two more robots drawn from a lottery.

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